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Asperitas Device Management System (DMS)


Asperitas Device Management

The Device Management Solution enables the remote management of different equipment, sensors, public lighting and other devices, on which an Android Launcher can be installed. Asperitas DMS can be used for:

STB logs

STB diagnostics

STB network and hardware utilization metrics

STB remote viewing

Remote firmware management

App management

PMS integration


Organise And Manage Devices

Once all the devices are registered in the DMS platform, by their unique serial number, it becomes possible to create groups, add devices to them and manage the firmware versions for each group.

Send Updates And Notifications

Software and firmware updates can be triggered from the server, without the need to replace the equipment or physically connect to it. This feature can be extended to send notifications to any device or group of devices from the DMS platform.

Collect Data And Reports

DMS allows collecting data, from all registered devices, without having to physically connect to the device. Reports are generated, giving a clearer state of the devices activity, usage, updates, and errors encountered. These can be visualized at any time, filtered by group, geographical area or FW version. The type of data collected and the reports generated can be extended with extra features to better fit the client's needs.