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What we do

We are here not
only to build your product right but also to build the right product.

Specialized in building IPTV and VOD solutions, we offer a wide range of services, from customizing our end-to- end ready-to-use solution to building new innovative software, designed to solve the most pressing challenges media and entertainment brands face.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Committed to helping you gain competitive advantage and drive operational efficiency by integrating the latest innovations in technology, we offer the complete solution, by creating and developing user interfaces for PC, TV and mobile devices, enforced by fast responsive backend and solid middleware.

Wide Range Of Industries

We like to challenge ourselves, therefore, we take on projects related to any industry, as long as we can bring a positive change with the software we develop.

IoT And Smart Devices

In order to support you in upgrading your existing technology and make the most of the rapid technological growth in the Internet of Things market, we paved the way to integrating smart devices and sensors by developing our own backend and middleware solutions.

Support For All Platforms

Our team also covers Android, iOS and full-stack web applications. We build the underlying software and databases (the back end) while also working on the interface and visual design (the front end), according to the client’s specifications. We strive to create visually appealing websites and apps that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

Your project in
the right hands



The starting point of our projects is always the client's great idea or deepest need.


Through rigorous analysis, we create a project proposal with a list of features, the resource requirements, the time and budget estimations.


We guide you through choosing the most important features, prioritize them according to your business objectives and setting up an optimal Time and Materials (T&M) contract agreement to fit your needs.

Agile Development

We use agile methodology in order to make sure we are not only efficient, but also effective. We provide Product definition and design, Requirements engineering, Quality assurance, as services. The iterative sprint development reduces the risks by ensuring a short time between the initial investment and acknowledging project success or failure. The early and frequent delivery of products also leads to faster ROI.

Focus On Business Value

The client determines the features’ priority, so they are delivered in the most valuable order. The product owner is always involved and the progress of development is visible and flexible. The requirements adapt and evolve, only the timescale remains fixed.

Customer Satisfaction

The fact that the user benefits from the product faster, allows the development effort to get feedback from the customer throughout the entire project’s lifecycle and adapt to his needs.

Reduced Risks & Faster ROI

The iterative sprint development reduces the risks by ensuring a short time between the initial investment and acknowledging project success or failure. Focus on frequent delivery of products, therefore the user benefits from the product faster and feedback is received quicker.

Project Implementation Start

Our project `` Asperitas IPTV`` has been selected to receive EU funds in the ``Program Operațional Regional (POR) 2014-2020`` Program, Axis 1 - Promoting Technology Transfer.``