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Internet of Things

Smart living enables consumers to enjoy life's posibilities, by seamlessly and remotely managing their connected homes anywhere, at any time, in real time and on any screen. The IoT goes beyond the limitations of a physical location, controls devices over the air and therefore enables easy setup and installation and easy communication with the Backend. Device system management, like integration and update of devices, is done seamlessly and clients have full control of their devices with the possibility of received up-to-date reports. We offer the possibility of building an universal app to control other devices, with an easy to use interface, voice recognition, encryption to protect data, together with an easy setup and installation.

The STB Is An IOT Gateway

The STB acts as an IoT Gateway, enabling the communication with the devices using Wifi/Zigbee (low power protocol) therefore all devices can be controled from the STB.

Easy Setup With No Electric Wiring Needed

The STB uses only a power cable, a LAN/Wifi connection and a HDMI cable to connect to the TV. Because the smart devices are connecting over the air to the STB using Wifi/Zigbee, no electical wiring is needed, they are installed with only a click of a button.

The STB Controls All Devices

All your smart devices can be controled from the STB or mobile app: Light bulbs, IP cameras, electric plugs, security sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, etc.