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Real Time Analysis

Powerful data analysis

We use Kibana to provide data visualisation and exploration, log analytics and monitor applications. We then create intuitive charts and reports, zoom into specific data subsets, zoom out to the bigger picture and layer the geographical information of the data.

Near Realtime (NRT) Reporting

With NRT, the time delay introduced, between the occurrence of an event and the use of the processed data is very small. Using NRT for reporting, we benefit from this slight latency.

User Behaviour Analytics

From the desire to learn about the way our visitors use our platform and how well our application is working, we integrated Kibana reports, which play a crucial role in the short and long-term development of our product.

ELK Stack

We take advantage of the Elasticsearch’s power which can be leveraged for analytics. Events counters are sent by the clients to create interactive, real-time dashboards, which offer info about usage, error counters and much more.