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CAS Multi-DRM System

In a fast growing, multi-platform covered industry, finding an efficient way to deliver and secure content on all your consumers’ devices is critical. Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems provides you the ability to protect copyrighted material and control what users do with the media and hardware they’ve purchased. You can opt for one of the major DRM systems ( Microsoft, Google, Adobe and Apple) to target a specific platform only, with access to a limited number of devices or use a multiple DRM system, which uses all of these DRMs in parallel, in order to reach all the major devices.

Asperitas CAS Multi-DRM OTT is an advanced content management solution with a flexible, highly-scalable infrastructure that provides access to the main platforms:

Set Top Boxes with OTT streams

Web: Safari, Chrome, Edge

Mobile: Android & iOS

The Asperitas CAS Multi-DRM all-in-one solution makes it easy and fast to protect content delivered over the top via Apple FairPlay Streaming, Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, and Adobe Primetime, allowing your users to enjoy high-quality multiscreen experiences.