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The network personal video recorder (nPVR) is a network-based digital video recorder (DVR) stored at the provider’s central location rather than at the consumer’s private home .

Having integrated nPVR streaming, our solution benefits from the advantages it has to offer:

Built Into The Network

Real-time broadcast television is captured in the network, on a server, allowing the end user to access the recorded programs at will.

Scalable Solution

Our nPVR stream server is a software solution that is easily scalable, by adding new server machines to the HW infrastructure.

Offers Flexibility

The nPVR service offer can be changed overnight to increase the amount of storage without any physical changes.

Easy To Admin And Maintain

Because our solution runs on Nginx server, on top of HTTP protocol, it can be easily administrated and maintained.

Adaptive Streaming

We use adaptive streaming protocols to optimize bandwidth use. The recording is done with<br /> a very short, almost insensible delay from live TV.

Fast Response

Benefitting from the initial burst, it has a very fast startup.<br /> Trickplay is also handled without problems with a very fast response time.