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AgraSat is a new application for precision farming which uses satellite images to provide information about the vegetation level and crop growth of the fields.

While driving the tractor across the field, the NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) value is displayed for each 10x10m area. Following this analysis, working instructions are issued, for example, whether the field should be more or less fertilised.
For easier orientation, all insured fields are already marked on the map, but the user can use the app for uninsured fields as well.

The satellite images provide information on the health differences of the vegetation on the field, differences that are not visible from the ground level. This information can be exploited for making fertilisation strategy, adapt watering process or better plan harvesting. The farmer can also compare the evolution of the crops on different areas of the field or compare fields between them.

The data used by AgraSat App comes from the Sentinel (ESA) and Landsat (NASA) satellites. The images resolutions are of 10m or 30m. One of the satellites, Sentinel (ESA), passes over the same area and provides new images, once every 2 – 5 days. However not all images can be used because of the weather. If the area was covered by thick clouds, the image will be white and NDVI values cannot be read.

Client: Hagel Agra Insurance
Technologies: Kotlin, OpenStreetMap, Retrofit, RxJava2, Room, Dagger2, RxBindings, MotionLayout, FirebaseAnalytics